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Smart Class

Athena World school - Smart Class

“PEARSON EDUCATION” Digi Class is our ICT-based classroom solution that aims at converting traditional classrooms into interactive session by combining state-of-the-art hardware with syllabus-compliant, multimedia content. This solution employs the DigitALly™ application (Multimedia Enabled Syllabus Specific Course Content).

DigitALly™'s preloaded storage area has thousands of animations, self explanatory diagrams, 3D interactivity, worksheets, quizzes, e-books and several hours of experiments. It empowers teachers to customize lesson plans, add/edit existing content and add new subjects and content to the pre-loaded repository.

Today’s life is incomplete without technology. The breath- taking technological development has transformed the way we work, live and communicate. The computer, internal and the mobile technology have permeated in almost all walks of our life. There is a strong need to sensitize the children of today’s generation towards these technological developments in a manner that they adapt to any future technology with great simplicity and of course in a sensible way. We at the school, merge the technology in such a fine way that it becomes an everywhere part of education process thus enabling students to use the technology in a responsible and effective manner for the benefit of mankind.