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CBSE Affiliation No:3330251

Rules and Regulations

Athena World school - Rules


Proper uniform for all the students, hair cut for boys and plaits for girls are mandatory if not found accordingly, will be sent back home.
No leave will be granted except for important and valid reasons.
Pupils are not allowed to go out of the school campus during the recess. If found strict action will be taken. Students are not allowed to bring non-vegetarian food in school.
Students should carry required no. of books as per time table.
Every student should carry school planner daily and parents should acknowledge it daily.
Casual dress and distribution of gifts/sweets are not allowed on birthdays or any other occasion.
Parents/guests are not allowed to chew tobacco or smoke in the campus.
Video shooting & photography is strictly prohibited.
Please note that admission to any class does not confer the right for continuation in the next academic year, unless the authorities are satisfied as regards to behavior, progress of the child and the co-operation of the parents.
No child is allowed to go early once entered the school.