CBSE Affiliation No:3330251

Notifications and Policies

Policy and Procedures on Usage of School Premises and Properties

It is the policy of the School to comply with all laws and regulations governing the use of school property, facilities and equipment. Private use of school property, facilities, and equipment for personal gain is prohibited.

The following guidelines shall govern the use of school properties, facilities and equipment:

Student Discipline and Behavior Policies

Fair Treatment Policy

The School applies fair treatment and equity principles through all its policies and procedures to promote full and fair treatment based participation of all students in its courses, to foster an environment free of discrimination and harassment, and to assist students to identify and achieve their desired outcomes.

The School will ensure that prior to enrolment prospective students receive adequate information regarding the course, training, assessment, services and AWS assistance provided by the School to enable them to make an informed decision about the suitability of the course and the School for their individual needs.

As an AWS SCHOOL we must treat fairly:

A) All students who are, or would be, entitled to admission in our programs, assistance;

B) All persons seeking to enroll with the School that meets the course requirements and who are, or would be, entitled to admission.