CBSE Affiliation No:3330251


Athena World school - Laboratory


The innovative Math Lab ensures the understanding and verification of various theories and concept of math by the manipulators, interactive mathematical tools and computer interface.

Computer Lab

The state-of –the art computer centre provides plenty opportunities to students to get an exposure of IT environment and learn to use various tools and software in their daily life and syllabi.

Robotics Labs

A world-class Robotics Education platform has been designed to equip and empower the students through the Robotics Lab. Hands- on projects and term activities are used to provide a fun-filled educational environment. By building and programming robots, students explore fundamentals of sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Language Lab

An interactive language lab is proposed which intends to help the child to develop the art of communicating at a very early stage of life. The language lab will enhance the confidence of the students by improving their speaking and listening skills.