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CBSE Affiliation No:3330251


Athena World school - Academic


The academic activities in the school will be "Learning centre" instead of "Rote Learning" .The class room activities will lay stress on participation and arousing curiosity of the students. The students will be encouraged to learn instead of just studying. Diagnostic evaluation and remedial teaching will be done to ensure academic excellence. The basic aim of the teaching-learning process will be to ensure that the students are able to grasp the fundamentals of all subjects.

To ensure academic excellence school has formed all subject committees headed by experts in respective subjects. Entire learning content given to students is thoroughly reviewed by the head.

Computer assisted learning programme and modern educational technology (e-learning) is used to make teaching more effective and hence ensuring a higher degree of assimilation.

Our curriculum is so deviced, exposing our students to stack reality, outsides their own experience so they can learn to cope with unexpected problem and difficulties thus becoming mature in a broader prospective. The entire team of dedicated mentors gives a special & personal living touch, catering to the needs of the students leading to attainment of goals productively.